The 6 Figure Social Media Virtual Assistant course

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The 6 Figure Social Media Virtual Assistant course

Learn Step by Step Ways to Build Your Business From Scratch and Start Providing social media services to business owners – right away!

Whether you’re working full-time, part-time, raising a family or in transition…

You’re here because you want to work in a way that allows you to

 →Gain complete flexibility and freedom over your time

→Work from home  or anywhere in the world

→Leave a soul-sucking 8-5 job behind for good

→Say no to long, time-wasting commutes forever

→Do interesting work… with people you actually like!

→Be available for your family and kids whenever you want or need to be

→Stop worrying about money by bringing extra income into your household

→Create a secure and stable future with a sustainable, profitable business

→Live life on YOUR terms (and make your own rules!)


Here’s what you’ll learn in the course: 

Master the “essentials” of getting started as an instagram social media virtual assistant.

Set your goals, decided what you’ll call yourself, the services you’ll offer and your target market

How to start a 6- Figure Instagram Virtual Assistant Business

How to start a 6- Figure Twitter Virtual Assistant Business

How to start a 6- Figure Facebook Community Management Virtual Assistant Business

Strategies for Growing from No Clients to a Multiple Clients Quickly

Setting your rates and marketing your services so you can start landing clients right away.

How to establish a client onboarding process, so you know exactly what to do when you land your first (or next!) client!

Community Management/Moderator 

Must Have Skills for Social Media Virtual Assistant

Threads monetization 

Calendar Management and more!


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